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We help businesses conceive, plan, source, structure, finance and implement lucrative, world-class initiatives in the real estate, leisure, travel and hospitality sectors in the Middle East, Europe, Africa and Asia regions

We find, optimise and manage balanced investment opportunities, predominantly within the leisure, hospitality and real estate sectors across the Middle East, Europe, Africa and Asia (MEEAA) geographical regions.


Evarei was founded in 2015 as a collaboration between seasoned professionals in the real estate, private equity, and banking sectors with extensive professional expertise garnered from the Middle East region and elsewhere globally, each of whom has substantial expertise relating to the businesses and projects that Evarei targets.


We are strategically aligned with multiple, prominent institutions, groups and professionals in the finance, entertainment, leisure, hospitality and private equity space - both regionally and globally. As part of its objective to pursue best-in-class practice, Evarei has based its head office in Dubai, UAE, and adheres to world-class business operation and financial regulatory standards.


Evarei's services include:


  • Private equity

  • Asset management

  • Management consultancy

  • Brand strategy

  • Training and development

  • Business restructuring

  • Digital tokenization structures, strategies and planning for monetizing assets and raising capital

  • Blockchain-related business applications in real estate, hospitality, travel and leisure 

  • Sales support

  • Financial advisory

  • Corporate strategy advisory

  • Operational improvement and reviews

  • Project market assessment and investment readiment

  • Transaction and M&A advisory


The Evarei Vision


"Evarei’s vision is an aspiring, front-running management advisory, investment and asset management firm covering the Middle East, Europe, Africa and Asia (MEEAA) region – bridging the execution gap between a nascent, conceptual business or opportunity and its successful realisation through deployment of institutional-grade planning and execution"


Evarei specialises in providing management advisory to compelling businesses as well as procuring, conceptualising and asset managing world-class leisure, hospitality, travel and entertainment initiatives, concepts, brands, projects and experiences to create success, with the aim of meeting defined goals. 


We also procure value-driven, fundamentals-based investment opportunities for our investors and stakeholders regionally, and for global investors with MEEAA allocations or looking for growth market diversification or single project-by-project investment opportunities.

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