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We make Businesses and Projects HAPPEN.

We help you conceive, plan, optimise, finance and implement real estate and hospitality projects and multi-sector businesses.

… We offer a fully holistic approach to business realisation following World-class standards.

About Evarei

People approach Evarei because they want to optimise the potential of their projects & businesses ...
Evarei's private equity, project development expertise delivers the unparalleled value they need.
Our core Sectors and Services:

  • All-sector enterprises requiring post-pandemic scenario planning, business de-risking and operational enhancement to turnaround and/or future-proof their business.

  • Real estate, leisure, hospitality or tourism projects needing concept-development, planning, financial structuring, funding and/or implementation.


  • Hospitality and related businesses or groups requiring business development, cost management, strategic reorientation, acquisition/disposal/change of use and/or business evolution services.


  • Development projects requiring full conceptualization, planning and financial returns optimization to make them compelling to investment sources.


  • Expanding businesses needing growth capital, change management and/or financial restructuring to optimize their evolution.

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At our core, we are "value creators" at all levels ... holistically across an entire enterprise or project.

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Services we Provide

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Our management advisory services go far beyond traditional boilerplate approaches…

We completely align with principals’ minds and objectives so we can deliver an unrivaled level of professional, detailed and fully-implementable advice.

We help entrepreneurs and businesses identify their goals and objectives to create and implement clear strategies to take projects to market or enhance performance and optimise effectiveness within the markets in which they already operate.



Management Consultancy

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The vast majority of firms need project finance or could benefit from growth capital or enhanced financial restructuring … Evarei can help achieve these goals.

Evarei employs and engages world-class investment professionals with substantial expertise in planning, procuring, managing and monitoring investment projects to ensure the highest international standards of transparency, execution and delivery.

We structure the financial plan of businesses and projects and prepare compelling, de-risked offerings to the funding marketplace before the reach out and engagement phases, to ensure the success-rate of such is fully optimised.

Project Planning & Investment Advisory

Project Planning & Investment Advisory

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With its executives living in the MENA region for 20-years, Evarei is significantly well-connected to a substantial proprietary network of investors, businesses, land owners, project creators and entrepreneurs.

By virtue of the strong expertise of its partners and associates, Evarei is unique in its ability to create, source and structure bespoke and proprietary, niche investment opportunities within the leisure, hospitality and real estate sectors.

Sourcing and Structuring

Sourcing and Structuring

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World-class business development, enhancement and asset management is a cornerstone capability of Evarei.

Evarei’s senior employees and partners have between them more than 50-years of professional expertise and direct experience in the investment deployment and advisory sectors covering the hospitality, leisure, real estate, infrastructure, high-tech and finance sectors.

Business Development and Asset Management

Business Development and Asset Management

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Evarei is fully licensed to conduct brokerage, M&A intermediation and property asset management services (unlike most other advisory firms)

Our licensed services include:


  • Real estate agency and brokerage – complete buildings, developments or business M&A.

  • Intermediation in buying, selling and renting of real estate on a fee or contract basis.

  • Management of real estate on a fee or contract basis.

  • Appraisal services for real estate and related businesses.

Real Estate M&A and Property/Group Management

Real Estate M&A and Property/Group Management

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Our core services include:

·        Post pandemic business turnaround, restructuring and de-risking

·        Private equity

·        Asset management

·        Management consultancy

·        Brand strategy

·        Business restructuring and scenario planning

·        Financial advisory

·        Corporate strategy advisory

·        Operational improvement and reviews

·        Project market assessment and investment readiment

·        Transaction and M&A advisory

·        Complete project execution – from conception & planning, to setup, development, funding and implementation

·        Training and development

·        Sales support

·        Digital tokenization structures, strategies and planning for monetizing assets and raising capital

·        Blockchain-related business applications in real estate, hospitality, travel and leisure

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Evarei Team

The Evarei Team

  • Core executives based in Dubai, UAE

  • Network of over 20+ professionals

  • Executives covering 4 continents

  • Over 1,000 projects completed

Stefan Hickmott - Founder & CEO

Stefan Hickmott - CEO Evarei

Evarei was founded in 2015 by Stefan Hickmott following significant regional sentiment among major groups for disciplined, competent asset management services in the region. Stefan has senior professional expertise and experience garnered since 1995 in the private equity, investment, advisory and management consulting sectors, specializing in hospitality, leisure and real estate, and was the former vice president of investment for real estate and hospitality projects at former private equity firm The Abraaj Group in Dubai, UAE (2004-2009).


Stefan has considerable expertise as a principal in the direct investment space and has developed a successful track record in deploying capital into well-structured, risk-adjusted investment opportunities with clear growth and exit potential. He has, during his career, been instrumental in the investment and planning of a number of major hospitality and real estate development projects spanning the past 3 decades, having managed more than 700 advisory, planning, feasibility assessment, business valuation, asset management and investment projects covering a wide spectrum of real estate, hospitality and leisure businesses and operations totalling more than USD 20 billion in  value.

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our vision

Our Vision

"Evarei’s vision is an aspiring, front-running management advisory, investment and asset management firm covering the Middle East, Europe, Africa and Asia (MEEAA) region"


"Bridging the execution gap between a nascent, conceptual business or opportunity and its successful realisation through deployment of institutional-grade planning and execution"

Evarei specialises in providing management advisory to compelling businesses as well as procuring, conceptualising and asset managing world-class leisure, hospitality, travel and entertainment initiatives, concepts, brands, projects and experiences to create success, with the aim of meeting defined goals. 

We also procure value-driven, fundamentals-based investment opportunities for our investors and stakeholders regionally, and for global investors with MEEAA allocations or looking for growth market diversification or single project-by-project investment opportunities.

Let's Get Started

Let’s Get Started

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We'll come back to you as soon as possible. | Office: +971506506340

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