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We deploy a valuable, institutional investment and asset management approach to enhancing value and optimising returns for investors, project originators and business owners

Management Consultancy

We help business identify their goals and objectives and create and implement clear strategic business plans to enhance their performance and optimise their effectiveness within the markets in which they operate. Our primary activities include comprehensive business and market analysis, business restructuring, brand strategy, business improvement planning and implementation including training and development, recruitment and sales support. Out team of experts are multi-disciplinary in nature covering all aspects of business enhancement and evolution, from detailed market and financial analysis through to sales and marketing planning, market share and profit enhancement.

Investment Planning & Advisory


Evarei has proprietary relationships with multiple investors and investment groups regionally and globally and is able to tailor-make investment solutions for projects and provide advisory services to support planning & development processes.


Evarei also has access to sources of funding for compelling projects, enabling Evarei to support the funding process and manage the optimal evolution and realization of lucrative investment opportunities owned by client groups.


The company employs and engages world-class investment professionals with substantial expertise in planning, procuring, managing and monitoring investment projects to ensure the highest international standards of transparency, execution and delivery.

Digital Tokenization and Blockchain-related Business Planning

With the launch of Evareium, a digital tokenization platform for real estate investment, Evarei has developed substantial expertise in digital tokenization investment models and strategies. Accordingly, Evarei is able to advise real estate owners, operators and investors on the optimal strategies and structures to adopt to benefit from the rapidly emerging digital economy.


Sourcing and Structuring


By virtue of the strong expertise of its partners and associates, Evarei is unique in its ability to create, source and structure bespoke and proprietary, niche investment opportunities within the leisure, hospitality and real estate sectors.


The Evarei team is well-established in the Middle East, Africa and Asia subcontinent region; Evarei senior management have collectively lived and worked in the region for more than 30-years. Evarei is significantly well-connected therefore with a substantial proprietary network of investors, land owners, project creators and proprietors.


Asset Management


World-class asset management is a cornerstone requirement and capability of Evarei in all its investment and advisory projects.


Evarei’s senior employees and partners have between them more than 50-years of professional expertise and direct experience in the investment deployment and advisory sectors covering the hospitality, leisure, real estate and finance sectors, and within the primary geographical region within which Evarei operates and targets.


The Evarei team has an unparalleled track record in growing, optimizing and maintaining value in the portfolios in which they have been primarily active in their long-standing careers as investment and asset management professionals.


Since its executives comprise professionals working previously for institutions regulated under the Dubai Financial Services Authority (DFSA), Evarei can provide its clients, investors, project co-partners, financiers and other stakeholders with the highest levels of administration and management excellence advice.

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